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    I'm a graphic designer for a major newspaper, and it's just recently that I convinced our online folks that graphics would be a GOOD THING to accompany the stories that are posted, and those graphics should be Flash instead of gifs or jpgs. It's a slow process, but it's getting there.

    Newspapers are still using Freehand 9 because that's what Associated Press and Knight Ridder are using. I was on the beta test for Freehand 10, and while it was great for web work, it wasn't a necessary upgrade for print. Hopefully they will fix that with the FH11 (MX?) upgrade, whenever that comes out.

    When I saw the announcement of Flash MX, I saw it as a good reason to purchase Freehand 10 as well because of the improved import functions (Freehand and Flash have a somewhat tenuous relationship, for those of you who don't use Freehand). But when I called Macromedia to inquire about a combo Freehand 10/Flash MX set, they told me that they wouldn't be releasing one.

    If anyone from MM is reading this, please ask your marketing department to reconsider. This might be what gets newspapers to upgrade. I will definitely upgrade my personal copies.

    If they won't, then tell them to stop offering package deals altogether. For example, it really ticks me off that I already bought the Dreamweaver/Fireworks package, but I can't buy Director without Fireworks? Why do I need a extra copy of Fireworks. Your markeing needs some work.

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    I agree with you, hope the situation with Freehand changes in the near future.

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