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Thread: a stumper ... loadMovie, shared libraries and caching...

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    G'day people :

    This one's a stumper, I've been fuming away at it for the last two hours....

    I have a SWF file, call it index.swf. When the SWF loads it has a number of loadMovie actions that load up navmenu.swf, a background.swf and welcome.swf movies, all seperate SWF's into separate movie clips.
    - Code currentContent.loadMovie("welcome.swf")

    The welcome movie has a loadVariables action that brings in content from a PHP script (welcome.php...funnily enough).

    - Code loadVariables(blah, blah, blah)

    The welcome movie has two shared library SWF's - a titlebar and a contentArea. (These are also shared by other SWF's)
    The contentArea holds the dynamic text field that the PHP content is loaded into.

    So here's the deal :
    When I execute the html page on my server (and via C:\ ) (Apache Win32 + PHP 4), up pops the index, the loaded navMenu and background but no welcome SWF.

    Hit refresh and _everything_ shows including the PHP generated content.

    I first thought I'd got an instance name wrong but I checked and everything looks OK, it works fine in the Flash Player as well.

    So, I cleared the browser cache and refreshed, still no welcome swf.
    Checking the browser cache I noticed the following files -


    So the welcome.swf IS being loaded, as it's appearing in the cache but it's not appearing in the index.swf movie..
    When the browser is refreshed the flash movie is obviously picking welcome.swf out of the cache as everything is displaying fine.

    The big question is why doesn't it load into the movie clip in index.swf the first time but does the second time?

    I suspect it has something to do with the Shared Libraries....welcome.swf is the only loaded movie with shared libraries.

    If you've got this far - well done, if you could help that would be even better.

    Big thanks

    oh and great book Mr Netbreed sir.... very helpful.

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    they call me the_jump... le_saut's Avatar
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    It is the shared library --

    I just cancelled the linkage and it worked fine the first time...

    Does anyone have any experiences like this with shared libraries?


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