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    Title edited in fear of product competition

    It's funny how people can fear competition. This thread used to have a title that was accurate to the thread, but it seems that the people at Wildform got upset when I posted info about a superior video encoding method. I wouldn't have bothered adding this note, but I get hits on my site daily from this thread and it keeps reminding me of t he matter.

    If you can't handle negative comments about your product (or the products you stand by), then you shouldn't have the products discussed in an open forum, you baby.


    Well... I've heared all the rumors... now I've tried it for myself.

    Here's how it goes with MX and video (as far as what I've tested with a .mov file

    In MX, you can import as embedded video to play directly in the player, or use the old quicktime method.

    I imported a 14.2meg 30 second 160x120px .mov file (with audio) into the library as an embedded clip, at 50% quality.

    I dragged the clip onto my stage of my movie, which is set at 12fps

    I exported the movie.

    The resulting .swf is 293k... the audio is in sync, and the picture quality is fairly good (better than all of the acceptible setting in Flix for reasonable 56k delivery)

    The playback was at a full 12fps, and actually looked like video.

    I endcoded the same .mov file several times in Flix, and had to get up to a 2.1meg file before the quality was comparable... and this file would never work on dial up.

    Sorry Flix guys... this MX thing is gonna hurt. It's a good thing you've got the auto tracing feature going... it may be your savior on
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