Has anyone either with the beta or final version of the Flash 6 player noticed that the the Flash 6 player for Internet Explorer plays animation slower than it does with the Flash 5 player for Internet Explorer?

I know that people are saying the player is FASTER on a MAC but I am talking about the other 95 percent of the world who uses PCs.

My system is WinXP Pro with IE 6 and I am noticing that in any browser which uses the Flash 6 active X control, animations are significantly slower than they were with Flash 5. I am talking about 5-6 fps slower -- this is quite noticeable -- particularly on animations that are supposed to be speedy @ like 30fps.

I notice this with my own site as well as others... It's just not as quick as with the Flash 5 player.

Anyone know if this was an issue that arose during the beta test? Or why this is happening?
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