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    What I would like to do is load swf files onto my main movie when pressing a button (that is easy to do) the problem starts when I try to tell each of those swf files to play at a label frame. See each one of those labeled frames has a simple animation leading to the content and the same animation in reverse from the content and I would like it to play each time I push one of those buttons ----->animation------>content------->animation that's it.

    The way I have it know it only animates in and when I push button 2,3,4 it loads the new swf file in its place without playing the reverce animation ;(

    I know there must be a easy way of doing that I just can't figure it out.

    Take a look at the files attached or the link below.


    Thank you so much in advance

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    Have the level2 button target a movieclip to play the action "level1 to level2" obviously you have to create the animation.. and then on the frame after that animation, add the action to load the movie there, not to the actions of the button.

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