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Thread: Music load level

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    Hi, I have music.swf working off a on/off button. I've loaded into level_15 above everything else. For the music.swf I used the method of having 3 frames with first one blank, second with startmusic label and a stop action and the third frame with a stopmusic lable and a stop command. 2nd and 3rd frames have the sound loaded into them. Now I want the music to start on the first frame of the main movie. I am using a preloader that waits until the main movie level_0, has loaded 50 frames before it goes to and plays frame 1. Problem is that the music.swf isn't loaded enough to start on the first frame of the main movie. It takes about 10 seconds before the on/off buttons appears and the music starts. How can I snyc this up? thanks

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    you could put a preloader in the music.swf and preload that
    then when it's done tell level 0 to play.
    get what i am saying?

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