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Thread: Embed the Real Player controls INTO Flash ??

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    Hi, can someone please help me ??!!

    I am in the process of redesigning my site, and have chose to use Flash quite substantially. On the HTML version of my site, I have embedded the controls for the player into the page, so that the player window does not keep popping up, and making the site, altogether, very tidy

    Is is possible to <embed> the real player controls into a flash movie ??

    I am using a RealMedia server to stream my files, and therefore do not need to use a .ram file.

    Any input would be gratefully received.

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    I have a problem with that Bloated turd called Real player..

    It is a real HELLISH crappy piece of dreck...

    I'm looking into swif-PEG or pig as a way to throw MP3sound into a flash movie in a reasonable file size...

    swish loads mp3 but its huge
    flash loads .wav but quality is poor even if .wav is coverted to CD quality.

    I get pissed off all day long with these alternatives

    Mad MOD[;[

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