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Thread: Flash Kit site completely flashed?

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    When will Flash Kit completely be a Flash site? I know the site is a monster but it would be, of course, awesome! So...any bids on re-designing the site?


    Dave Sharek

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    cheese me. TrIzKuT's Avatar
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    I don't think it should be all flash, but having movie submissions and feedback in flash would be fine

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    I agree with TrIzKuT .....

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    I undestand your thoughts, but, after attending some Macromedia seminars on Flash MX last week in Raleigh, NC, it seems that the whole point of MX is to virtuaklly rid the Web of HTML based web sites, after all MX is now accessable with screen readers etc.

    When we asked the Macromedia guys about Dreamweaver, they said that although they are still pushing DW as a product, but they see the future of the Web to be completely Flash and HTML only to embed Flash. I though that was an interesting comment from Macromedia.

    Which is why I still mantain that Flash Kit should be all Flash.



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