ok -- for all of you that are reading this post, you may want to check out my original post, "Flash 6 Player - SLOWER ANIMATION" if you haven't yet...

Basically, what I am seeing (at least on my PC) is that in any browser that uses the Flash 6 ActiveX control (Internet Explorer and Opera), animation is slower than it was with the Flash 5 player. (By about 5 or 6 fps -- very noticeable) This is NOT the case in Netscape or Mozilla, which does not use the ActiveX control, but the plugin .dll instead.

What I have done to (hopefully) illustrate what I am seeing is to create an swf that has a modified version of Colin Moock's FPS Speedometer in it. That way you can see what the average framerate of the movie is for every 10 frames that go by.

My movie is set to run at 30fps. Here's what I see on my system:

The swf runs at an avg of 30.03 fps.

The swf runs at an avg of 30.03 fps.

In Internet Explorer (Flash6 ActiveX control installed):
The movie runs at an average of 25-26 fps. SLOW!!!

In Netscape or Mozilla (Flash6 Plugin installed):
The movie runs at an avg of 30.03 fps.

Obviously, what I am concerned about is that third test, where I am viewing the swf in Internet Explorer (version 6, by the way -- I use Windows XP Pro). The fps won't go beyond 26 or 27 fps (max), which, when viewing a long, fast animation, makes the lack of speed quite noticeable.

Can you guys please give this a go for yourselves and tell me whether I am crazy or not?? Please try the same tests and keep a close eye on that FPS meter.

Let me know what you find. I am especially curious about what people with PCs, Windows XP, and IE 6 will see, since that's what I have.

The swf can be downloaded here:


Please let me know what you find! Thanks!