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Thread: THeir servers must be blown away

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    Senior Member Sir Yendor's Avatar
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    Over here
    I got it about an hour ago after trying for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.

    Small children can be very helpful sometimes. I told my 7 year old to "keep clicking here until you see a screen that looks different than this".

    She was the one who got through finally.

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    Griffhiggins 2.2 clifgriffin's Avatar
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    Your Bathroom! Bwahahaha!
    Originally posted by jossifresco
    Originally posted by Sir Yendor
    I got the Trial version and am working with it now.
    When did you get it?

    I keep trying and only get the message that "Due to overwhelming demand...."

    It should say instead:

    "Due to pi**ed poor planning and abimsal execution, we are unable to keep our promise to deliver Flash MX"

    -- [/B]
    I downloaded the trial version at 7 this morning (ET).

    It was a little slow, but at least it was smooth. (55kb/s)

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    supervillain gerbick's Avatar
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    what did you people expect? I mean, seriously?

    I wonder is this indicative of who really bought Flash 5? I mean... I remember the same exact thing happening then when it was released.

    And look at it now... it still sold well. you think?

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    I do have to agree that this IS a poor launch. One thing I am kind of miffed about is that flash seems to taken on the air of some computer game launches.

    For a company with such an impressive launch to not be capable of actually delivering the product in a timely and easy manner simply defies the mind.

    This is all, however, what is refered to as localized stress. Soon the rush will be over. Everyone will get the program and for the most part no one will even remember the problems they had on March 15th, 2002 while trying to purchase and download their copy of Flash MX.

    Anyway, along these same lines I too couldn't get past the shipping area of their website. Like everyone, it said the zip code was not valid. Which means that a portion of their database failed which is an INCREDIBLE no no when you are trying to run an e-commerce site.

    Anyway! Bliss is sure to come soon!


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    Figures - as soon as I press "post message" my order goes through.

    I hope everyone is able to finish their orders now.


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    Anyone who has downloaded the trial version have the capability to host it for us flashkit members to download?

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    A Jamaican in Flash world
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    Nov 2001

    Smile I finally got it..

    Installing it now...
    Hey is there any thing that is missing in trail version that will be in the full version when I DO GET ... if MM server comes back up.

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    Flash 5 trial was full. I used it untill my full version came. Who knows if they will make it like the director trial though. It shows a splash screen stating that it was created using a non-comercial version of director.

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