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    I've create a action MC inside a button, so when the mouse is over the button a MC is playing and direct the user to the specified section of my site. The problem is that when i try to add the button (already saved in the library) to another section of my site it conserve all the setup i've gave to the first one i've saved in the library. So how do i make a button so that i will be able to use it anywhere in my site and not have to recreate it for the purpose of another section? ;-)

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    Right click your button in the library > Click Duplicate > Give your duplicate a name, now you can change things in the duplicate and not effect the original

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    yeah that is a way ... but i always prefer to use lesser symbols ... in larger movies , multiple graphics always tends to increse the size. So , why are u bent on using creating the action inside the button ?
    why not just assign the Action after it's brought on the stage and Right Click on it and then give there actions there instead of in the Over state .

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