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Thread: I need to know this, please read!

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    First Question:

    1. I have a movie with 300 frames and 30fps.
    2. I put a sound/image at frame 120 = 4 seconds in the movie
    3. I publish it and play it on MY computer and exactly when the 4 seconds has gone I see can see the image. And that´s how I like it.

    BUT, when Viewing it on a friends computers it varies. I know it has to do with the speed of the computer and I also know that the only thing to fix this is to make the movie STREAMED which will make the movie to run in the same speed on ALL computers.

    But the big question is:

    Is it possible to make a movie accurate on ALL computers WITHOUT using STREAMED SOUNDS?

    Second Question:

    Is it possible (with script or what ever) to change the FPS during a movie?

    I mean, I publish the movie at 30fps (with scripting or something). Can I then somehow make the movie to change it to 15fps?

    If any of these thing would work I would be SOOOO happy


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    First question: Use the sound object.

    Attach the sound to a new sound object, and use:
    Start the sound only when everything else is loaded. Having things loading while playing sounds etc will cause frames to skip.

    Take a look at:


    Second question: No

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