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Thread: Newbie here. Urgent help, thanks

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    Mar 2002
    Hello everyone. I just signed up and i dont know how to work flash at all. Do i need to DL anything, and if so where? let me know..thanks!

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    good luck and all the best to you for starting with flash.
    i preassume you have flash, if not download it from macromedia site , its trial is free.
    refer the help in that, if you have doubt, post your questions in this forum, every is very eager to help you,
    see the tutorials part for help, after some time see the movies part, and download the movie and see what it contains and try to understand how its done,
    remember practise makes man perfect, and
    try until you succeed.
    good luck.

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    First of all, this should have been posted in the Newbies board. Secondly, if you have Flash (as in the program) installed on your machine, then no - you don't have to download anything. Look at the LESSONS in the HELP menu, and once you've done all those, just start readin your way through USING FLASH in the HELP menu. If you get stuck with anything, post on the Newbies board. Good luck!

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