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Thread: Simple Trouble... maybe

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    I'm kinda stumped here. Why is this parser reading more than there needs to be. Please try this out and tell me what is wrong with my code. Basically what I want to do is duplicate a movie for every tag "menu_header" is read. But for some reason the duplicate movie is duplicating more than there needs to be. Please help me, thank you in advance.

    company = new XML();
    company.onLoad = readXML;
    company.load ("company.xml");

    function readXML () {

    mainTag = new XML;
    elementTag = new XML;
    articleList = new Array;
    elementList = new Array;

    mainTag = this.firstChild.nextSibling;
    if (mainTag.nodeName.toLowerCase() == "companybuttons") {
    articleList = mainTag.childNodes;
    //trace (articleList);
    for (i = 0; i <= articleList.length; i++) {
    //trace (i);
    if (articleList [i].nodeName.toLowerCase () == "button") {
    trace (i);
    elementList = articleList [i].childNodes;
    trace (elementList);
    for (j = 0; j <= elementList.length; j++) {
    elementTag = elementList [j];
    //trace (elementTag);
    elementType = elementTag.nodeName.toLowerCase();
    //trace (elementType);
    if (elementType == "menu_header") {
    menu_header = elementTag.firstChild.nodeValue;
    //trace (j);
    //trace (menu_header)
    duplicateMovieClip ("dynamic_button", "dynamic_button"+j, j);
    eval("dynamic_button"+j).menu_header = menu_header;
    eval("dynamic_button"+j)._y += 50 * j;

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    Without even looking at your code yet - my guess is that you have whitespace in your XML document, and you're not accounting for that in your code.

    If that is the case, it's easy to take care of.

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