hey there. Im trying to load a html doc into a dynamic text feild named TEXT. My As for this is


When i test movie it doesnt work. When I check out the variable output I get 3 vars being passed. This is them..

Level #0:
Variable _level0.$version = "WIN 5,0,30,0"
Variable _level0.text = "<P ALIGN=\"LEFT\"></P>"
Variable _level0.text = " <Font Color=\"#000000\">yoyoyy <br>kdsafjksadjksd</font>\r\n\r\n"

I dont get any errors and the TRACE im using AFTER the loadVars works fine. Wgat I think is happening is that flash is passing the ALIGN var and this is getting loaded into my textfield for some reason. How can I make flash not pass this? The example I downloaded does not have this align var in the var output.....IM PULLING MY EFFIN HAIR OUT MAN! any ideas?!
Thx alot.