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Thread: Flash MX is a waste of time!!

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    God, I think I need glasses after all that

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    i think it would be a fantastic idea if we could have part of this site as a 'report' area, any problems with MX could go on to a board and we could all see them, maybe this could be shown to Macromedia to help them solve the problems with MX?

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    WIth all of these dozens of New problems and bugs, incompatibilities you're all posting, I certainly hope MM will be responsbible and address these failures in their program.

    It really ticks me off to see a major software company release a bugfest and Use us all as unpaid unwitting beta testers.

    If I had bought the MX, I'd be charging it back on my credit card right about now, with a note: "I'll buy it when you're shipping a Final Release MX", not this bug program.

    What a disappointment. And hey, I was beginning to like mm.

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