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Thread: Where the hell does IE5.1 store the friggin cache files?

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    I have been slamming my fists down on my desk for half an hour trying to figure out why I can clear out all the temporary flash files from IE5.0 but I can't figure out where the hell they are stored in 5.1

    Anyone know where the default is for these? I looked in the MS Internet Cache folder and there are NO FLASH .swfs in there whatsoever but the damn browser keeps loading a cached copy of a flash file from a site I am trying to test and it is pissing me off something fierce.

    ANYONE ABLE TO HELP? :-) You will be my new best friend!

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    Look in IE prefrences/Advanced and get the location of the file. Normally within the system/Prefs/Explorer folder in 9.

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    I know what you mean the answer is

    I have had the same thing even when the file is cleared
    the solution for me has been to rename the file so mymovie.swf would become mymovie1.swf and so on, that way it has to see a new link every time.

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    Hey all -
    I think the ie prefs are in:
    Keep an eye on the one called DownloadCache or whatever, I have to trash it about once a week. Everytime it's a couple hundred megs.

    A few tips:
    in ie prefs under advanced,set "update pages" to "always". As far as renaming the movie, another workaround if it's stilling caching it is to add some garbage to the end of the url, ie if you are testing a movie/html at myserver.com/myflash.html just try something like:
    this should make the server send a fresh page.

    Hope it helps!

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