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Thread: png pic, and seeing distortion

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    hi, whenever I try to add a png and export to swf, the png looks kinda distort, I tried making it looseless, and adjusting the quality to 100%. and it's still showing missinng lines and shifting pic size. anyway i can solve that??

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    Theres a few thing you can do to get rasters crisp.
    1. Right click the image icon in the library-properties-de select allow smoothing
    2. File-Publish settings-Jpeg-Bring the quality up to 100
    3. Convert the Graphic Symbol set the alpha to %99. This solves a known problem in Fash called pixel shifting
    4. Under Publish settings Set your Flash movie to pixels not percent. Percent tend to stretch out any pixel based images
    5. This is just a tip from me. Do yur optimizing outside Flash. In Fireworks or Image Ready.
    6. I do know that that Flash has other issues related to object positioning on the stage. Select the object open the Info Panel. Select Transform, try changing the x & Y coordinates to whole numbers. In this example X=23 Y=28.
    I know this works for smoothing pixel fonts.

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