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Thread: FLASH MX: Project VIRUS [experimental]

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    Originally posted by AmOklaeufele2
    Question: You can link with "emailto:?body=xxxyyy". How can I make a new line in this thing ? f.e. that the y's are on a new line ? Thanks in advance for the answer.
    try this:


    you need both %0D and %0A so that it will work on different platforms (it's a linebreak/carriage return combination (or possibly the other way round ))

    - n.

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    It does not work.... It displays the %0D%0A thing in the email.

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    hmmm. works fine here (Outlook Express 6, IE 6, Win2k).
    probably a platform/browser/email program issue.

    if you have access to server side scripting (which clearly you do), why not send the email from a script rather than using the 'mailto'?

    - n.

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    where does it work fine ?

    where does it work fine ? on my application or your testing ? if it's your testing, then it would be great if you could send some script to me.

    Hmm, yeah at the beginning I did that, but I decided to change a little bit, so the user does not get 2 emails at once.

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    just in my testing

    actually, I just typed it into a browser location bar, hang on, I'll give it a go from getURL...

    ok, this works fine from button action in Flash 5 and MX (latter provided you publish to browser):

    Is your current version live with that code? Do you want me to try it there to? What do I have to do?

    - n.

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    What email client are you using? The octal codes %0D%0A work on the most popular clients, i.e., Outlook,. Netscape, etc.


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    resolved darn...

    It's not working...

    both Microsoft Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express 5, can't display those things...they simply put out the stuff. ARRGH!!!

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    Testing Email

    I need some feedback for the "Truth" website. Mainly I want to know if you click on "Click here to tell a friend" works fine. (So, that the email looks fine) and if not, I would be very pleased if someone can tell me where I did the error.


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    it works fine for me - line breaks and everything.

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