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Thread: change font size

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    i have a layer with two keyframes where text is displayes. in the first keyframe the font size is smaller than in the second. now i want to have a smooth change of the font size (i want to make the text get bigger). i applied a motion tweening but the text size only changes when the last frame is displayed. how can i get a smooth change of the text size?

    thx very much

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    your doing it wrong...
    1.type out your text in frame one
    2.CONVERT to symbol...
    3.insert a keyframe later in the timeline ie 10 frames later
    4. select the frames in-between 1and 10 (any one of them)
    5. create a motion tween from the menu.
    5. go to the last keframe and change the font symbol however you like....
    6. preview it...

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