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    Wondering with all the advances in Flash MX how this will affect 3dfa? I don't have it as of yet but there are some very impressive features. Very small file sizes in both the projector and player and importing of video files. These two alone may make it worthwhile......

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    What are the goals of the 3DFA team?

    Is it just to create a different front end to flash - a kind of kindergarden flash - or is there fundamental differences between them both behind the scenes?

    ....apart from the input box fiasco

    just curious

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    This is a sneak peak into the brains of the people at 3DFA.

    Flash5 uses a pretty neat concept of vector-based drawing to underly its file format. All good. However, the procedure behind *creating* that file format (.SWF), put simply, is badly designed. Its architecture limits its capabilities enormously - Thus the difficulties we occasionally face *only* on export - thats why there's no true 3D capability, why you can't bend editboxes, etc. etc. The 3dfa preview environment uses similar concepts, but isn't bounded by flash's plugin lmiits. It has its own. MX is trying to squeeze as much as possible out of its current plugin architecture (they're now caught in the old 'backward compatibility black hole) without rewriting the thing properly. True, they're getting some good features through it, but we're hot on their heals already.

    The good news for us is that any improvment they make, we can incorporate behind them at a tenth the cost. Having said that - Our immediate goal is to lock down bugs, stability and reliability. Once this is done, we can go *wild* on features that the flash environment doesn't easily support - right to the limit of the plugin. (our explosion generator is a good example - we can incorporate these features quickly and easily). Whats our long-term goal, you ask ? Think plugins. I could tell you we already have a superior one ready to go, but we need more coverage for it to become an alternative to Flash's.

    Under the hood, the structure of object-within-object is very different, which is one of the reasons Flash (and other text-effects flash animation tools) is still bound to a 'frame-based' concept, rather than object-based concept.

    While the interface may 'seem' like a simpler version, you can rest assured, underneath, there is nothing kindergarten about 3DFA. Except the price. Recent samples (InsaneLander is on the website) should've proven the product's ability to compete directly with Flash.

    We're looking forward to matching MX as soon as possible - We're definitely up for it!

    Thanks for your support!


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    cheers for the detailed answer.

    "Kindergarden" was probably not the best choice of words, and certainly wasnt meant to undermine the power of this little proggie

    But while the immediacy of 3DFA is great, i wasnt sure if, as my actionscripting got better, I would be better moving onto Flash proper...it appears not necessarily

    Also, really like the way it is made with HTML etc....my own site (though nowhere near as complex) is becoming more and more like HTML running as software...and i cant wait till i can make it a flash (or 3DFA) application.

    "this site requires 3DFA plugin"

    If you guys can get the whole dynamically generated stuff sorted, your gonna be sitting pretty

    great job, look forward to future releases


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    more.. more!!

    A nice feature would be something like a projector file for 3dfa, I also would support development of a plugin, on the topic of plugins, would it be possible to add things to the 3dfa interface that would be easily extentable? we could make our own features, then send them to you at 3dfa and you may incorperate them in the next version, or put up a download site for these extentions?

    Just some thoughts.

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    ajcompany, you are right on the ball. That is exactly where we are going (shhhh! its a big secret!)

    because the interface is html, people will be able to write their own features and interfaces, plugin them and post them to the site or each other - sound cool ? mind you - that will be later this year.


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    ajcompany, could you pls contact us on support@insanetools.com - thanks

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    ajcompany and dkerr,

    I really like this idea. I too have been thinking about this very topic.

    I've been contemplating developing some 'template' movies and support files for simple database access on the Internet.

    A pluggin for 3DFA in this area would be a BIG Plus =)

    Allowing developers to put a site together that has access to a database of products etc. or to create a user login screen.

    Hmmm, ok I'll stop thinking about it and put something together But, I want to finish my development of an online Chess game first - if that's ok? (which makes use of everything that I've been talking about here).



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