I'm in the process of creating a small business site with Flash 5 for my brothers' auto concepts business. They would like me to expand it to allow visitors to order on-line. I have never done this before, so it can be a large problem.

First off, I'd need to number all of the products that they sell into a product database, but I have not found a free program that does this yet. Second, I'd need to have a form that would have selections that include product, quantity and total price, and a "basket" for all the items ordered. Third, the "basket" would have to be able to "check out" the items. The problem with this is, how can users pay the total with credit or debit cards, without using PayPal? [Since PayPal charges for each transaction, and the business cannot afford this] If anyone can help me sort evrything out (the product inventory program, the coding for orders, and ordering itself), I'd be very grateful. Also, I'd have to make a mirror image of the site in HTML as well, for users without Flash. Thanks for all the help in advance.

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