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Thread: Overlapping sound files

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    Okay, I am extremely frustrated. I have a slideshow that has 2 scenes, an intro and then the slideshow. Each scene has it's own music.

    The Intro scene has a button entitled "Start Tour", this basically skips the intro and moves into the slideshow portion of the movie. Herein lies the problem - if the user skips the intro, the intro music keeps on playing into the slideshow, over top of the slide show music!

    This is because a sound in Flash, unless it is set to stream, plays until that sound is completed! I tried to use the "stop sync" function in the sound pallette, but that didn't work. I also tried to use the "stopAllSounds" action on my "Start Tour Button" and that stopped the sound, but it stopped ALL the sounds, and the only way the slideshow sound would play is if the user went forward one screen then back one screen!!! Ugh!

    Is there anyway to use "Stop all Sounds" then, clear it out in the next scene????

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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    you could put the stopAllSounds() in frame 1 of each scene to prevent music from a previosu scene overlapping. When the playhead enters the scene it stops all sound, until they are retriggered. This should prevent backing music from overlapping scenes but not interfere with new music or button sounds.

    Make sure that any new music in a scene starts in frame 2 because I believe that Flash starts music before running actions, so conceivably stopAllSounds() in frame 1 could stop a music in frame 1.

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    Arrow Thank you...

    That worked. Of course, I would like the music to play when the first screen appears (which is frame 1)...but for the short term I am happy that the music plays on frame 2 which has the first MC with significant content.

    Thanks for the help!

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