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Thread: "begin tell target" - Naz!!!!!

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    i have a button in a movie clip and it goes to a scene called "hand" ,

    On (Release)
    Begin Tell Target ("_level0")
    Go to and Stop (location & "hand")
    End Tell Target
    End On

    this works for the 'hand' scene.

    If i have another scene called 'urban1', shouldn't substituting that for 'hand' work??

    I've tried and it doesn't

    please can someone help me out..

    much appreciated.


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    I had a look myself, and I eventually got it to work, I forgot the uppercase lettering :<

    i had "scene" and not "Scene"

    _leve0 or / should work tho..

    but heres my code that i had in the button within an MC on the stage.

    On (Release)
    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    Go to and Play (Scene 2, 1)
    End Tell Target
    End On

    your right there it should work.

    hope this helps a little bit.


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