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Thread: synchronizing sound with animation ?

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    Hi !

    I would like to know if it's possible to synchronizing sound with animation so that in different computers with different processor speeds, the two of them would still be synchronized.

    Thanks for reading my post !
    Filipe Lopes.

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    have you tried stream sync?

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    You'll need to set the sound to stream (in the sound panel) in Flash. This will lock it to the timeline.

    The rest is just old fashioned experimenting. With where key points to sync up are on the timeline. Dragging along the timeline will play the sound (when it's set to stream).I usually create a temp alyer, then add key frames in certain places I want to sync up. If I am doing lip sync I type the words into labels. They will then show on the timeline as text. Then I just put the necessary mouth positions where they need to be.

    If you find you need more timeline to work with try adjusting the fps to 15 or 16. (Modify-Movie) This si a fairly good comprimise from the default of 12fps.

    Here's a lip sync I gave a go in Flash:

    Flash can be pretty tricking to sync up sound. I eventually came to the conclusion that this was the best I could get it to stream. Note that if you replay it. It tends to sync up better the second time.

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    Arrow Related problem - audio on off

    I have to create an audio on off control in a flash based WBT in which the audio on off button is in HTML in the bottom frame. The flash sound is embedded in my movie using the sound object. I can start and stop as well as pause and mute it. But here is the problem...

    I will have several HTML pages in this WBT. In one there is an ongoing sequence of images displaying in synchronization with this audio. If the user switches off audio in a page then the status of this has to be sent to Flash, and based on this everytime a new page loads the audio has to be off or on. If he switches off audio in the middle of a sequence then the flash movie has to read it at that time and mute the audio immediately. In consequence to this, the image sequence which was displaying in sync. with the audio, will now go fast and finish without waiting for the audio.
    There will also be an Audio replay button. This button will replay the audio of the current page whenever it is clicked during the execution. This also has to be communicated from HTML to Flash.
    I am able to send a variable audonoff=1 and audreplay=1 from HTML using the URL method. But once I recieve the variable I am not able to switch on the audio once the movie has started playing.

    Whatever you suggest must work on both Netscape 6 and IE.

    This is an ugent requirement ... Please help.

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