• This is a very touchy subject, and i will be watching this thread closely, so it does not get out of hand, please no offending anyone.

I'd like to know your opinions on how you feel towards the mentally ill. I for one, feel very bad, and i realize anyone can be affected, through a relative, friend, or child. I must admit though, i do not feel the same way towards them as other people i know do. I see friends of mine able to hug them, kiss them, etc. but for a reason beyond my control, i just don't feel that "connection".

I'm not sure what the feeling is, maybe it's intimidation of a sort, thinking they're different, but on the other hand, everyone's different in one way or another. I do care for them, and am frequently involved in helping out mentally ill, or physically/mentally disabled, yet i realize i just don't have the same bond as other people; is this bond just something you're born with?

Please post any non-critical or non-degrading opinions related to this subject in a mature manner, and please take note that some people know others in these conditions, and are sensitive, so please don't offend them. thank you
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