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Thread: a newbie in need

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    i have worked with flash for a couple of months now but have never really made a full website with it.

    i want to create a website based around a street corner. i want the user to be able to click on say a cafe to go into my chat room and forums or click on an apartment to find out about me and so on.

    i want it to have traffic and pedestrians and so on so that the site feels like a 'lived in' community.

    it all looks easy on paper but i really dont have a clue where to start. i want to get all the graphic and content work done before i even think about the actionscripting.

    i have very little experience in graphic design. i have access to flash5, fireworks4 and photoimpact5. i am 16 an only just starting to get right into this. if anyone could give me any tips for drawings or animation it would be very much appreciated, i really want to get this done.

    also if their are any sites out there with similer interfaces, links to them would be a great help.

    thanks in advance

    - jgo

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    good start; you did some paper work
    tried illustrator or Freehand already ? ( free trial downlaod at their websites; adobe & macromedia.com)

    create the look & feel, create more, delete it again, start all over, give it a feel you like.

    make different parts/ scene's/ get some of this out of that.

    leave it on the desk for some time, let it sinck, watch it again some time later ( days, weeks , ... )

    finetune them / create the specific details / go back again to paper in case it's needed/

    i should work with the loadmovie option /
    try http://www.dubbit.co.uk as a "typical" ex of a city/community/ ( still in beta for Mac-users/

    goodluck & keep us informed


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    sounds like some pixelart or illustrative would be the way to go .

    the link that snui posted is already the most elaborate concept about this matter you try to pursue.

    others and more easy once would be http://www.mrcheecks.net or http://www.icontown.de

    if you want to get into the pixel art, try a search for "pixelart" you shuld get a lot of links.

    Your work you do for paper is golden already.
    Maybe you should just start out scanning in whatever you drew on paper, and then coloring and cleaning it up on the pc making vector gaphics eventually.


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