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Epinoisis Software announces

Chameleon version 1.0 Released
** Advanced color processing system for websites **
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»What is Chameleon?

Chameleon is a software that can change the color scheme of your whole website in just seconds.

Want to change the contrast of the whole page? make the colors warmer, or give a complete twist to the colors of your site? Chameleon can do this at a snap!

Until now, the only choice you had was to manually process all the images of the page one by one. And not only that: you also had to modify the color of your text, links, tables, background etc. And what if the result was not
good? You had to start over. A real nightmare...

»No more guesswork!

Chameleon provides you with a real-time preview of your webpage. Just drag the image control sliders to change the colors to according to your taste. Or, use the Color Transform Gallery for instant results!

»More than batch image processing...

Chameleon? will go one step further than simple batch image processing: it will also take care of your .html code and process the color there as well. And all this is transparent to you: Make a click and your site is ready!

»Chameleon Key Features:

-Image processing controls:
Color Shift
Red, Green Blue control

-Color Transformation Gallery:
Color Temperature
Color Gradient Map
Color Twist

-Batch processing of all images of a page.

-JPEG, and GIF image support

-Batch processing of HTML code.

-Full CSS (Cascaded Style Sheets) support.

-Standard HTML 4.0 tags support.

-Real-time preview of the webpage during processing

-Ultra-fast processing engine: will process hundreds of images in just
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