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    pixel fonts

    ok, what if you want to have a nice small font without using Arial and 'device fonts'.

    Even silkscreen gets anti-aliased by flash, which is awful when you really need something small.

    How is the small font so clear on http://www.egomedia.com?


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    They're using fonts known as "pixel fonts". There are sites where you can get them for free, do an Advanced Search here on FK for "pixel fonts". See what you get, you should get some links in those threads.

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    these guys have some great pixel fonts for free, http://www.04.jp.org

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    http://www.Miniml.com used to have free ones, but now you have to pay...

    I got a couple when the were free though

    <edit>oops, they actually do still have some free ones...</edit>

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    Pixelfonts are primarily used for desktop purposes and do not get as much recognition on print.

    Pixelfonts have certain sizes on which they work. usually between 6 and 9, some work with6, 8, 10 and even 12. Make sure anti-aliasing is deaktivated in order to have these fonts displayed right.

    If you incorporate pixel fonts into flash, you want to make sure that you set the x and y position to exact numbers, else they can look blurry. So handle with care here.

    check berlinator.com there should be a link with thousands of free font resources in there, I'm sure you'll find pixel fonts there, so go and experiment, but don't overuse them please. Thanks


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    We have some pixel fonts too. There are some freebies for personal use too.

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    Hi & thanks for all the responses. I downloaded some pixel fonts, and tried to align them to the pixel grid, but I can't. The letters do not align to the pixel grid.

    Also, what do you mean by not anti-alias? In Photoshop, sure, np, but in Flash, do you mean 'use device font'? I do not want to use device font, since that just defaults to the closest thing on a user's pc, which is usually Times or Arial, right?

    So, my fonts are still blurry. It seems to me easier to draw them on the pixel grid myself...? [Also tracing bitmap works if you take a screenshot of some non-aliased fonts.]

    Pixel fonts would be great if I could see how to align them to the pixel grid...
    Any insights appreciated!


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    As long as you set the size at 8 pixels and the X and the Y values are integers (for example not 34.9 but 34.0), the only other problem you may be having is the way that you're viewing your page.

    Most people press CTRL+ENTER and when they see all blurry they feel that the fonts don't work.

    The right way to preview the fonts is: through an HTML page that you created that is published at match movie or pixels (never percentages). Or by pressing CTRL+ENTER in Flash 5, and then right click and choose 100%. Or in the stage, by choosing to view the stage at 100%. Or by opening the SWF file without resizing its window.

    Feel free to ask any more questions right here in the forum or directly by email. Good luck!

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    one more question

    thx again for all the replies.

    I have a couple of the fonts working - some are better than others.

    Are most of these designed for 8 point? I would really like to have some designed for 10-12 point. The reason for this is I often would like to use masks and have aliased fonts. Embedding the fonts causes anti-alias, right? Has anyone seen fonts for this purpose?

    Would it be legal to make versions of Verdana and Arial that are aliased?


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