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    hi there flash harry potters!

    i have a 500x500 base, and i have made 4 different movies
    that i want to load in the middle of my main movie when a its respective button is pressed.
    i cant figure out how to get it to load right in the middle

    i was told that by doing a movie like this it loads quicker.
    anyways, thank a lot before hand, i am sure this is a piece of cake


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    I suppose that when you say you want the movies to load in the middle, they are smaller than the 500 x 500 mainmovie...

    In that case make an empty movieclip, drag it on stage.
    If your new movies are 100 x 100, then make the coordinates of the movieclip x 200 and y 200.
    Give this movieclip an instancename like placeholder. This is very important, otherwise nothing will happen.

    Now when you want a new movie to load put in this action;

    loadMovieNum ("movie01.swf", _root.placeholder);

    This will force the movie into the movieclip with instancename placeholder, at the specific x and y positions...

    good luck

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