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Thread: Flash4?

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    Phantom Flasher... Markp.com's Avatar
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    May 2000
    Just wondering... will the flash 4 forum be put to rest now that flash MX is out?

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    Most likely it'll be combined with Flash 5 Actionscript.

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    Jul 2001
    er.. just wondering, why Flash4 actionscript forum has to be put in rest. There is more difference in Flash4/Flash5 then Flash5/FlashMX. And you already have MX forum.

    People writing in Flash4 forum are mostly developing content for handheld devices, where Flash4 player is latest version. Wouldnt it be nice to wait Macromedia to release Flash5 for those.

    I know there is not so much posts in Flash4 forum, but in the other hand, there are too many posts in Flash5

    Im afraid Flash4 specific questions will be completely lost in Flash5 area. In the other hand, I have been waiting for some time Flash4 forum to be shut down, so Im not surprised, when it finally happens.

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