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Thread: BUG: no play of new movies

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    Hi, I'm Mario from Italy. I report this bug: in the movies section i can't see the new movies from march 25. The last section i can see is until march 24. If I click on the flash file with the right mouse button, only the about window of flash player appear. I'm running on iMac OS 9.0.4, Internet Explorer 5 and Flash plug-in 6.
    Can you tell me something about this problem? This is my eMail address: master@mamanuri.com
    Thank you a lot, you are the best!!!!!!!!!!

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    BUG: Me Too!

    I have experienced this problem as well. My movie
    is "Chalkboard" in "Components". When I try to view
    the movie, nothing appears. When I try to download
    the .zip, I get this error:

    You don't have permission to access /movies/Components/Chalkboa-SpaceMon-6738/Chalkboa-SpaceMon-6738.zip on this server.

    In addition, my movie was created for Flash MX, but
    it is listed as a Flash 5 movie. I was forced to
    submit it as Flash 5 because the submission form
    would not accept 6 at the time.

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