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Thread: How should I design this site?

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    I'm designing a web site for a tattoo shop. On the web site I'm putting the different tattoo artists and when you click on them it needs to take you to a portfolio of their work. For each artist I have 10+ high quality jpeg images. I have the Flash site completely done except for the artist portfolios. If I have all these images in the movie it will take forever to load won't it? What is a good way to display the images? I want to have thumbnails and then click them to get larger. Should I just link to a reg html page instead of having them in the flash movie? I need some good advice here! This is what I have so far...

    Mike is the only working artist portfolio. I think it looks kinda corny how it opens a new window...

    Or else I have this done
    but I think it looks cheesy.

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    I would use java popup windows that are the exact size of the image. That's my favorite way to do pictures because pictures in a flash movie tend to get too big. If you need examples just say so.

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    I'm pretty rusty on my javascript... what is the best way to open the pop ups to an exact measurement window.open ???
    Lets see the examples you're talking about!
    I think I will use the file names as links and then they will open the pop ups...

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    i run a model agency site with two versions, php and flash.
    i have the same problem, in that i need to display portfolios on each of the models. i'm working on combining php and flashmx to load all the images dynamically. when i've finished it i'll put a post up with an example.fla for you.

    alternatively, you might be able to do it with variables in flash. eg:

    user clicks on a button to see fred bloggs work, variable 'name' is set to 'fredbloggs' and the images are referenced to {name}/01.jpg etc.


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