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Thread: what is hqx?

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    Hi, I am having a problem in publishing for mac.
    First, when I am taking the .hqx file in mac, I'll have to first open it so that the file extracts (or something like that) the application file, which has the flash projector's icon. I wish to have the application file itself in my CD, which will autorun.
    Next, according to Ci-berpages (thanks for the help),
    Fs Command("exec", "Macintosh HD:Folder:File" ) is what you need to run an external projector from one projector. Here, in the path, do I give "Macintosh HD" as the root level even when I burn it in a CD? Next, for "Folder:", do I give the name of "FScommand", since I am placing the secondary projectors in the FScommand folder? Next, for ":File", what should be the extension of the file name, as we have ".exe" for Windows?
    Thank you

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    I don't believe you need to write out the whole path if both projectors are on the same volume, but I'm not totally sure. However, if I'm wright, then yea, if the projectors are right next to each other you can do fs Command("exec", "File");

    You don't need an extension for the mac projector. Just the name is fine.

    I don't totally understand your questions about giving FScommand to "Folder:" or .hqx files. . . .

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