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    I have made a sort of click and play game. You know, the sort where you click on a button and you go to a new scene, not to hard. But, the thing is, at the beginning I want the user to be able to choose different characters. This should be quite simple, but I can't think how to do it. The player will be the same picture in every scene, so what I need to do is make it so that when you choose a character the original is replaced with the new character. Can someone help me do this? Thanks a lot, please go into detail, I'm stupid.


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    a simple and still yet hard way

    i may be wrong (and i usuaily am) but i think the only way to do that is to make the same scenes for each character. this can be done in an easy way by clicking on one of the layer buttons on a scene to highlight it, then right click on the frames and select copy. open a new scene and right click on the timeline and paste the frames. you can only do one layer at a time so this might take a while. then all you have to do it where you had the one character, take him out and put the new one in. then have your simple actions on the character select screen ie.. on press, goto and play said scene and frame.
    i hope this can help, and if not, oh well ya know.


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    Create a movie clip containing all your characters and give it the instance name player, then on your character select screen the buttons can be used to pick the correct character from this mc.
    eg if you give each frame in the movie clip labels like cat and dog
    the code for the select cat button could be
    on(release) {
    gotoAndPlay("start_game");  // advance the timeline to the beginning of the game
    I'm not sure how this'll work with scenes, it might do, but scenes tend to mess stuff up If it's not to much work it may be an idea to break the game up using frame labels instead of scenes.

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