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Thread: textField.embedFonts = true; Not Working, Got No Idea Why!

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    the library linked font worked for me,
    as a test I updated that test file:

    strange, I had tried that exact approach before, and couldn't get it going,
    I must have adjusted some other things in the meantime, it now works well.

    Thanks to all participants of this thread, this was a real worry for me, tried umpteen ways to get this working and now it is all go.


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    I can see superpoint working fine now, so its obviosuly working.

    Its all abit of a mess this embed options though, if you dont know exactly how to do it you can actually end up embedding the font in the library, and in a text field which doubles the file size, even though they use the same font....

    Anyway it works now, so Im happy!

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    about embedding

    Having carefully read your posts and various other sources (such as Branden Hall) it seems that if you create a textfield dynamically and want to scroll it, then you HAVE to use linkage IDs to embedded fonts. So for Verdana I would need to create 4 fonts in the library for plain, bold, italic and bold+italic. Then I can no longer use TextFormat.bold to get bold text, I have to change the font name instead. Is this all correct? Does anyone know why we can't have dynamic text without embedded fonts behind a mask?

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