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    HI i was hopeing i could gte some help here

    ok i pretty much know how to make a basic button but i was wondering how could i add more effect to a button. Like instead of having one frame for each state of the button some how add more then one frame for each state? hope this explains it well enough


    PS. btw im useing Flash MX

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    you can have animation on the "over" state with just one
    keyframe. what you want to do is make the animation then
    save it as a .swf then import it into your library and
    drag and drop it into the over state of the button. when a user hovers over the button the animation will play but
    only needs one frame. Hope that helps some. Ed

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    ahh thnx you two i been trying to figure that out forever!

    now just one more question real easy one

    how do i chnage th alpha setting for a symbol to 0% i have a word here made each letter a symbol and tried to set alpha to 0% for each one but i set the alpha to 0% on one symbol when i click on another symbol the alpha is still 0% how do i get each letter set to 0% alpha?

    its diffrent from 5 lol

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