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Thread: This is a toughy - can it be done???

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    Hi all, can anyone help?

    I've got a flash movie that I want to scale 100% to
    the width of the browser - but also be able
    to scroll down - while maintaining the proportions:

    You see the file is longer than wider.
    At the moment i've just set it at a fixed size.
    I want it to scale proportionally
    downwards too (below the bottom of the
    browser window if you see what I mean), while always being 100% wide.

    Can this be done ?


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    why scroll?

    As i see it, you've got a swf that you want to be your whole screen right? but for some notion you want it to continue down off the viewable area? And theres nothing useful being placed down there anyway so why have it continue down?

    output your movie with dimensions that conform to the 800X600 ratio and in Dreamweaver or your HTML authoring tool set it to autostretch inside a table. Set teh table to autostretch too. Turn all your page margins off and remove the scroll bar altogether. If theres no reason to scroll down, why include a scroller? right?

    I could have this totally wrong, but if I open your site now in a half screen window, the swf is cut and I have to scroll right and down. If everything autostretches, your site will be viewable in any size window (although unproportioned windows will cause your swf to appear short or narrow)

    Hope this helps.

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    ahhh but thats the problem

    cheers for the reply -

    but if you look throught the site - in case studies there is content that extends downwards - which is the reason i want to be able to scroll down using the browsers scroll bar while maintaining 100% width.

    the client for some reason doesnt want internal scroll buttons in the movie - but that is the only way i can see it being done. - any thoughts?


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    Ill duff your loop

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