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Thread: For the attention of admin jstarkey

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    Whatever you do you cannot stop me saying my personal opinions online, even by trying your lammest cause you are an idiot mr John Starkey.

    By sending mails to me saying that ive been reported for abuse and my ip was send simply doesnt work for 3 main reasons.

    1) Simply because my company's policy is not as fascistic as yours and i can use my browser to say everything i want!!!!!!!

    2) seccondly because im the ****ING ADMIN HERE.

    3)And also really where did you get my IP from? did you imagine one? im sitting behind a proxy that you havent dreamed for you lammer.

    Also my personal opinion to the post:


    cannot be concidered anauthorised or illegal cause IS PERSONAL you facist pig.

    Be aware that this post have been reported to 24 flashkit users allready and your facistic actions have been already reported to many friends of the flashkit community.

    Finally make sure that im not scared you little kid. Im web developer since 1996 and i know very well the act for internet abuse and relevant conciderations.

    Interent must be open to for personal opinions and must be not *************************cencored***************** *****

    you lammer mr JOHN STARKEY


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    He is only being fair. Cracking etc is illegal, so really you should be.

    Personaly I think Mr Starkey is a very fair man. Never treated anyone wrongly, you break a rule, you face the consiquences.

    But this isn't may place to discucs this so I will leave.

    Have a Nice Day

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    ok ok ok MR John Starkey is a good person which i dont offcourse know and i was only talking crap cause ive seen my self banned after 3 years in here. I know im wrong and sorry. Sometimes spending to much time on the screen if things get wrong im over my self.

    I relly feel **** now for my posts.

    Sorry Mr Starkey.

    flashkit is the biggest community of flash lovers and this is where we all started.

    keep us unite and spread knowledge to us.

    sorry again.


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