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    I am using a variant of this button that I found of this webpage


    The button visually looks great, it animates when I roll over... however... functionally, I cannot get the button to do anything else. Such as jump to a frame in my main scene... or goto another scene.

    The button itself is contained in a movie_clip, and for whatever reason flash doesn't allow goto and play (next Scene), it has that function turned off (why?)... and if it jumps to a frame, it's only the frame in that movie_clip and not the main movie... how do I get around this?

    Any help is greatly appreciated...

    (I tried to assign a boolean variable but it didn't seem to work either)In the main movie Set variable gotomenu = 0 then next frame if(gotomenu = 1)
    goto and play (menu) <- In my main.

    In the movie_clip button I have Set Variable:gotomenu = 1
    on the onmouse(press) but it doesn't register it in my main movie again.

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    Ok, I figured it out... actually, I read about 1000 posts until I found someone else with the same problem... for those of you who don't know this... make note, it racked my brain for a couple of hours...

    You should use labels then goto the label in another scene. No need to specify the scene just make sure the label names are unique.

    eg in the movie clip

    Begin Tell Target ("/")
    Go to and Play ("mylabel")
    End Tell Target

    The "/" means the main movie's timeline.

    COMMENT:- I had no F#@%in' idea until I read this answer... thanks to Rich... whoever he is.

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