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Thread: Buttons nested in MovieClips!?!?

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    I am having problems with a button that is nested inside a movie clip (named hell, X). The button shows up when the clip is run but, it isn't active, it just sits there, no rollover, no action, nuttin'. I have another loop running from the main timeline that does some 3d text rotation stuff (it is constantly in the background) This is perhaps the problem but I can't figure out why. The movieclip (X) with the nested button is also run off the main timeline. It is trigger to run when a button in the 3d text rotation loop is hit. So button in 3d text rotation triggers movieclip on main timeline to play. Movieclip from maintime line (x) has a button in it that does seem to exsist other than you can see it. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Thanks for any help in advance...


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    buttons over buttons

    Surzycki, this is just an idea, not sure if it is true in your case. Anytime a button is layered over another I've experienced the lower of the two to become inactive. Try to put your inactive button in a layer above the 3d clip and see if that helps. This may deactivate the 3d clips button if it crosses under the button you're experiencing dificulty with presently. In that case you may need to change the layout so that the clips don't come into contact. Hope this helps.

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