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Thread: .bat or Flash project [how to make...]!

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    Hello all!
    Can anyone tell me how to make a program in .bat or Flash (.exe) that it do:
    You see this, for an exemple:
    |Select your music (.mp3) to replace it by the one in the |game!(*)
    | Enter your music file |_____*2____|
    | Replaca it by the music: |___*3___|V|
    | ___________ ___________
    | |Repalce *4| |Cancel *4|

    (*) NOTE: The music is not in the game, but in a folder called "music" were you can find the ".mp3" music files for the game

    *2 NOTE2: texte filed
    *3 NOTE3: select field:
    -Music 1
    -Music 2
    -Music 3
    -Music 4

    *4 NOTE4: button
    PLZ help!

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    Exclamation Add-on on message

    or mabe to do it in Derector or C, C++ or Java

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    Re: Add-on on message

    Please try one of the help forums, you'll get many more responses there.


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