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Thread: Changing image border color in dreamweaver

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    Hi all,
    I set my image with a border. What I want to know is how to change the border colour of my image from default colour (black). I use Dreamweaver 3 in this case.

    Thanks in advance

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    If you use a link for your image you can edit the border color by setting the colors for the different state of links, either in HTML or CSS. Or you can simply define a border for your image tag in CSS. Like this:

    image { border: 1px solid #000000 }

    It's a very simple method, but bugs some in IE, you can also define a border for each side (border-left, border-right and so on, it should work better).

    There are other ways to use make borders as well, like using a small table around it with cellpadding set to 1 and cellspacing and border set to 0. Just change the bg of the table to change color. Or you can just use your image editor to put a border around it. All depends on what you are using the image for.

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