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Thread: designcheck for my foliosite please

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    Apr 2001
    Working on a new look for my portfolio.

    After a few hours I came up with this:


    Is this by your concern coming anywhere near a site?

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    Mar 2001
    pretty hip looking, but it is a bit too busy. try chopping off that comic character on the left, just leaving about 40 pixels, so we can't tell what it is. The character seems to be competing for attention with the lady image.

    That green texture is pretty awesome, I love it. Have you tried a pale yellow?

    Also, I would put the words "digital portfolio" legiably on the top somewhere, in addition to your current vertical text.

    lookin hot.

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    Chicago, IL
    Get rid of the vertical text at the top/the link titles. People don't read up and down on computer monitors.

    The colors on the right and the color on the left-much too different it seems. I agree with the above comment, there's way too much going on with it. I mean, there are three totally distinct image areas, and none of them relate at all with the other.

    Good Luck with it,

    [Edited by mg33 on 04-08-2002 at 01:52 PM]

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    hmmm, too cluttered. I see yuor point.
    Started off with nothing particular in mind. Then I often get stuff like this

    Guess it's one of those designs that will grow bigger when
    I accidently bump in to it again within a few months

    Tnx for the input.

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