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Thread: urgent major problem xml clients

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    hi all,

    we're developing an xml chat client; when more than one client connects with the server, very often their entire screen will jump half way down the monitor. Does anyone know what this problem could be??? This only happens in swfs that have xml sockets.

    The entire swf (embedded in html as normal) ends up half way down the screen. We have it at full screen so we end up seeing just the blue background of the movie at the top of the screen and the top of the chat at the bottom...

    any help/suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    I haven't seen this before. Is there a specific browser/OS/Flash Player combo that this is occuring on?



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    With a link, people maybe able to provide you a little more feedback.

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    well to clarify

    we're running tomcat on apache.
    the problem occurs on win nt, win2000, and win me.
    the problem occurs with flash5 and flash 6 plugins.
    we havent tested on netscape but the problem occurs in ie5 and 6. It seems independent of the machines and almost certainly a flash problem.

    the movies:
    first of all the parent movie a has a socket which polls who's online.
    then from that movie you can load in a chat movie which also has a live socket.

    we initially thought it was because we had two sockets. So we commented one connection out but still no joy.

    The only consistency in the error occurs when instead of using our host name, we use it's ip.

    But if one movie uses the ip (say chat) and the other the host name (parent) we can get one screen to stay steady (the parent) while the other slips (the chat). Reversing this we can get the opposite effect.

    we go live on tuesday so I'd appreciate any ideas at all.

    (sorry I can't link anything at the moment, it's all inside a firewall.)

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