Hi All,

I'm having problems (again), so if you're feeling patient, let me explain:

I'm trying to set up a 'nocache' .php script so that a .txt file generated by a .cgi doesn't get cached in the the users Temp Internet files.

In the first movie (A), I have the following in the first frame:

loadVariablesNum ("http://www.hurricane-graphics.com/cgi-bin/read.php?noCache=LoadVar.txt", 0);

read.php is as follows:

header('Cache-control: no-cache');
$fp=fopen("LoadVar.txt", "r");

//This is set to 755

Upon finishing the four questions in Movie A, the user presses a 'Save' button, which calls the .cgi, creating the .txt file with the results. This is supposed not to be cached, but it still is.

Anyone have any ideas?

(Sorry if this is a mess - if you think you might have any pointers and have a couple of free minutes, my site http://www.hurricane-graphics.com has a realtime on-line service connection, so you can chat about the errors of my script directly with me - exciting, huh?)