Is there any way to destroy an array and free up the memory it was using while an swf file is still loaded?

I have a module that is using data from Access to fill up its content. I am loading the data into flash pipe-delimited then splitting those values into seperate arrays. Depending on which button the user presses, depends on which data is queried for and loaded.

Problem is, I was only using one set of arrays to store the data in. After loading a different set of data, I was re-instantiating the arrays, figuring this would clear them out and allow me to re-use them. But I now believe it may be creating the same array name in different memory areas...???

Is there any way to clear to arrays before lading new data to them? Or should I scrap this entire process and preload all the data into their own arrays beforehand?

Also, generally, how much data is too much to be loading at one time? Would a few tables with a hundred or two rows each be too much?

Thanks for any and all responses.