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Thread: grids in Illustrator

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    recently in this forum someone gave a good little tutorial on how to make a perfect grid in AI. I did it and loved it but now ive forgotten how to do it. Does anyone know how to do this???

    please help!!!!!!

    -Nathan Scherneck

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    no problem, again here you go ... with pleasure for a fellow Maccer

    in AI, draw a line ( keep the shift pressed)
    then use the selection tool and click & drag it away to duplicate it while holding down the shift & alt key //
    once you have done this press the command key + D to redo your last action

    copy them all & paste them in a new layer & make shure you rotate them


    btw when you play with the line-thickness every 10 lines or so it even get niccer---

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    Gotta love the CTRL D function.
    It also works well for scaling objects.

    Say you need to decrease your object a little, but you dont know how much. Go to 'Scale' then hit about 95%

    You can get it perfect by hitting CTRL D several times, thereby decreasing it by 5% each time. NICE.

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    thank you guys very much, this time i saved your reply as a txt file so wont lose it. Im an idiot well thanks again, much appreciated.

    -Nathan Scherneck

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