hi all...
Still tyring to mess with this DARNED swift 3D again.

Couple questions:

1. What is the CREATE PLANE option for? Is this for floors? and walls and stuff?.....I dont really understand how to use the lathe/extrusion editors either.

2. I am (thought I was at least) trying to mess with the camera options...thinking that this was the key to making an animation that that moves around an object. Example. I have some text..that is sitting in place and just spinning. I wantto be able to circle this spinning object..with that on=bject being the focus of attention..always in the center..and then maybe circle to the top... I hope I am explaining it right.lol

3.If there a way to make it so objects have raised text on their surfaces? And is there a way to change the dimension of an object?..Like say I click on square..can I change the height/width and most imposrtantly the DEPTH of that square (object)??

Geez,,,,I have so many more...but I will stick with these for now. Are these things even possible in SWISH?

Please explain in the most basic of terms please....am not to comfortable with the LINGO of SWIFT yet. Soon..I swear.....but I only get limited time wit it since it is new..and I need to be working on projects with programs I already know...like FLASH..lol...Thanks.


P.S. I will be up for a while still (5:00 a.m. here) central time...so reply so I can stop being bored right now...and before I decide to finally go t bed....lol