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Thread: Quality, why oh why? **please read**

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    hey all, its been a while, been busy with school and what not.

    Alright, I am having a little problem, thats annyoing me.
    K, so i have an animation,or a still scene. when i render, eerything looks fine and dandy. but when i open the .swf, thw quality seems bad, it seems like the objects have a grid of fine dots on them. I checked the xport settings, but nothing has helped. Anyone know what to do?
    any input is appriciated.

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    I've never heard of that one. You might want to contact support@erain.com and see what they have to say.

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    if you are using Swift3D version 1.0...

    then make sure you upgrade to build 056 - that was a rendering issue that was defeated with later builds of Swift 1.0.

    if you are using version 2.0, then I suggest that you import your *.swf file into Flash and see if the "spots" persist. I haven't had that problem at all with 2.0. might want to see if you have the current build by going to the Customer Only site.

    hope that helps.

    and if it doesn't... RUSHVision has the best answer to do if that fails. Good luck.

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